Pile Driving

In the construction of marine structures, particularly “open piled structures, the construction of piling foundations is a current work method for which we developed expertise and gained extensive experience in deep foundations using driven metallic piles installed offshore.

We developed essentially two pile-driving methods, according to the type of foundation soils:

  • Piles driven into inconsistent soils (sand / silt / clay)
  • Piles driven into rocky substrate (with rock drilling)

Pile Driving

We have the equipment for driving metallic piles, vibrofonceurs and hammers, enabling us to drive piles up to 1,300 mm in diameter, with a sleeve thickness of up to 25 mm.

The length of the piles depends on the foundation soil's conditions. In some projects, we have installed piles longer than 50 m.

Ponte Kogo-Akalayong

Kogo-Akalayong Bridge | Pillars in Pilings

Terminal de Cruzeiros de Leixões

Cruise-ship terminal of Leixões, Portugal | Pier in Pilings

Ponte de Acesso ao Porto de Corisco

Access Bridge to the Port of Corisco, Equatorial Guinea | Piled Access Bridge

Cais de Akoniki

Akoniki Dock, Equatorial Guinea | Construction of Open Piled Quay