Topography and Hydrography

At Etermar, we have multidisciplinary human resources highly qualified in Topography and Hydrography.

Using state-of-the-art technology and software, we can meet the needs of our clients and support each project’s execution with greater precision and quality.

Proof of our commitment to being in the vanguard of technology is our latest acquisition of the SEABAT T20R high resolution multibeam system, by TELEDYNE RESON. By integrating this system with inertial navigation system, we obtain superior quality mapping and characterisation of bottoms, detection of piping and other submersed objects. Having a very real perception of the bottom and its surroundings is an extremely important advantage in evaluating and monitoring our work.

With the support of terrestrial and marine high-precision planimetric and altimetric GPS positioning systems, we guarantee the exact placement of each project part.