Project Development

Line Layout Studies

Each project’s specificity, from the layout’s land topography to transport capacity, is taken into account for selecting the most suitable technical-economic solution. We develop projects starting at the respective conception – in the concept/idea stage – by optimising the line layout based on the latest topographic means to obtain detailed land modelling.


Stations and Towers

Stations are the main installation points, and it is at these installation extremities - cableway - that the aerial to land interchange is performed. The towers maintain the position of the line / cables in relation to the ground and minimise cable stress. The selection of their location and respective interactions with the surrounding area are analysed from various perspectives to ensure the safety of both the installation and passengers and to ensure easy passenger access and comfort.


Engineering and Architecture

We analyse the most suitable solutions, from an engineering and architectural perspective, to ensure the installation is harmonious with its surroundings, even though the materials for this type of structure are subject to significant stress forces.



The cable is what transports the cars and that connects the entire cableway. Installation of the cable(s) must comply with specific procedures – work sequences, cable fixing/splicing, tensioning and catenary – to guarantee the installation’s safety and strict compliance with project specifications.


Licencing and Start of Operation

The project is implemented, from conception to engineering, and consequent construction, for the ulterior objective of having it licenced and to start operating. ETERMAR’s know-how, accumulated throughout many years in the construction and operation of cableways, guarantees that international cable transport laws are met during the entire process of developing the projects that it coordinates.