Port Works

New Cruise Ship Dock - Funchal

Dock with a mooring front of 322.35 m and a working depth of -8.00 m (CD). A total of 17 caissons, 6 of which have open walls creating wave energy dissipation chambers.


Client: APRAM – Administração dos Portos da Região Autónoma da Madeira, S.A.
Completion period: 20 months

Dredging: 156,364 m3
Riprap: 59,537 m3
Concrete: 50,756 m3
Reinforcement steel: 2,086 tons


Cruise Ship Terminal – Port of Leixões

Marine works at the Cruise Ship Terminal. The pier is 340 m long, with a platform at +6.00 m (CD) and a working depth of -10.00 m (CD). The dock in an open structure built with prefabricated parts assembled over reinforced concrete piles 1,000 mm in diameter.


Client: APDL - Administração dos Portos do Douro e Leixões, S.A.
Completion period: 16 months

Driving of 1,000 mm diameter piles: 4,425 m
Drilling in rocky bottom: 1,400 m
Dredging of sediments: 109,000 m3
Dredging with a hydraulic excavator over a floating pontoon: 257,118 m3
Rock excavation: 99,758 m3
Concrete C35/45: 17,000 m3


Container Terminal at -16.00 (CD) - Malabo

Construction of two marine terminal at depths of -16.00 m (CD). The 340m long MixTerminal has a 5,3ha platform and the 530m long Container Terminal has a 12.7ha platform.


Client: Ministry of Public Works and Infrastructures / SOMAGEC GE
Completion period: 30 months

Dredging: 295,294 m3
Gravel: 317,418 m3
Concrete C35/45: 81,013 m3
Filler concrete: 10,887 m3
Riprap: 608,813 m3
Reinforcement steel: 9,725,300 kg
Hydraulic backfill: 1,156,097 m3
Terrestrial backfill: 129,795 m3


Roll-on-Roll-off Terminal at -9.00 m (CD) - Malabo

3 contiguous docks made of caissons.

Multipurpose quay of 350 m for ships up to 27,000 DWT;

Roll-on Roll-off Dock of 36 m;

Service quay of 55 m.

The caissons are placed on ground previously compacted by vibro-replacement. 9 ha yard.


Client: Public Ministry of Public Works and Infrastructures / SOMAGEC Guinée Équatoriale
Completion period: 14 months

Participation by ETERMAR
Quay design
Construction of the provisional quay
Construction of gravel columns and foundation prism
Manufacturing and placing of caissons
Construction of the superstructure
Concrete: 26,000 m3
Gravel columns and filling: 65,000 m3
Foundation and protection: 77,000 m3
Reinforcement steel: 2,000 tons
Bollards: 25 units
Fenders 65/2 tf.m: 16/12 units


Expansion and Modernisation of the Port of Praia

Rehabilitation of the existing 217 m quay with working depths of -9.00 m CD;

Extension by 267 m with 13 reinforced concrete caissons placed at -14.00 m CD and two large arch columns, with working depths of -13.50 m CD, for a total quay of 484 m;

Construction of a sea protection wall along the container yard of about 650 m protected by core-locs;

Construction of 234 m of breakwater with depths to -18.00 m CD, protected by 10-ton core-locs;

Dredging of the turning basin and access channel to -12.00 m CD with a trailing suction hopper dredger;

Construction of the container yard with a total area of 8 ha, including the necessary infrastructures;

Supply and installation of the navigation support system, consisting of a beacon and sector light.


Client: MITT – Ministry of Infrastructures, Transport and Telecommunications / ENAPOR
Completion period: 30 months

Dredging: 200,000 m3
Core-locs of 10t/3.9 m3: 8,300 m3
Riprap 0-2,500 kg: 930,784 m3
Hydraulic backfill: 650,000 m3
Concrete: 69,619 m3
Steel: 1,400 tons


Construction of the Quay and Oil Terminal at Port of Bata


Construction of a 870 m gravitational structure of prefabricated reinforced concrete caissons.

The caissons are placed over a riprap bed 5 - 6 m thick and a foundation soil reinforced by vibro-compaction.

The works included dredging of the muddy bottom to -15.00 m CD, vibro-compaction of the sand bottom between -15.00 and -24.00 m CD, construction of a support riprap bed, prefabrication and placement of the caissons, in-situ construction of the of the crowning wall and supply and installation of quay accessories.

Oil Terminal:

Construction of three berthing dolphins, in reinforced concrete caissons installed on a riprap bed built over vibro-compacted soil.

The caissons were pre-fabricated at the port of Malabo, where we have the entire prefabrication yard used for Malabo’s port terminals, and were later towed to the port of Bata over a distance of about 150 nautical miles.



PCompletion period: 24 months



Terminal XXI – Mooring and Yard Construction Works - Sines

Dock 382.10 metres long for mooring of container ships with a working depth of -16.00 m (CD) and consisting of 15 caissons of 31.75 x 19.00 x 20.55 m placed over the riprap bed.

Construction of a 160,000 m2 yard.


Client: PSA Sines – Terminais de Contentores, S.A.

Completion period: 20 months

Dredging: 5,300 m3
Rock excavation: 4,800 m3
Excavations: 115,000 m3
Riprap of 0.01 to 0.2 kN: 160,000 m3
Riprap of 0.1 to 0.5 kN: 32,950 m3
All sizes riprap: 980,000 m3
Filling of caissons: 141,400 m3
Concrete: 32,960 m3
Reinforcement steel: 3,605 tons
Vibro-compaction of the yard: 15,000 m2
Concrete pavement: 110,000 m2


Expansion of the Multipurpose Terminal of Sines

Construction of a dock with a 305 m mooring front, worming depth of -18 m (CD), in caissons 22.30 m high.

A parallel dock was built along the back of this dock with working depths of -15.00 (CD).

The yard created between the two new docks, 76.2 m wide, is closed at the tip by a vertical dock with depths also of -15.00 m (CD).

A berth for Roll-on Roll-off ships for longitudinal unloading, consisting of a fixed supported ramp, on the land side at +7.00 m (CD) and on the ocean side at +4.10 m (CD).


Client: APS - Administração do Porto de Sines, S.A.
Completion period: 36 months

Excavation of underwater rock: 3,400 m3
Riprap: 520,000 m3
Concrete: 70,000 m3
A400NR steel: 54,000 kN

Bituminous pavement: 18,000 m2
Concrete block Pavement: 37,770 m2


Container Terminal / Multimodal Yard – Quay in Pilings and Caissons - Setúbal

Construction of a terminal with working depths of -15.00 m (CD) and a total mooring front of 726m. The quay is 528 m long and consists of caissons, with dimensions of 24.90 (length) x 15.90 (width) x 17.50 (height), and 198 m constructed of reinforced concrete pilings of 1,000 mm in diameter, built by the permanent sleeve process. Includes a 21-ha yard and concrete paving with a wear layer in Beccer type blocks.


Client: APSS – Administração dos Portos de Setúbal e Sesimbra, S.A.

 Completion period: 30 months

Dredging: 80,000 m3
Riprap: 35,000 m3
Yard: 420,000 m3
Concrete in caissons: 38,500 m3
Concrete in superstructure: 9,380 m3
Concrete in pilings: 9,900 m3
Concrete in pavement: 110,250 m3
Steel: 5,954 tons